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Port of Akureyri
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Port of Akureyri
600 Akureyri
Tel. +354 460 4200
Fax +354 460 4209
Email port@port.is

Facilities - Anchorage

Anchorage position: latitude 65°40'9''N, longitude 18°04'4''W
Turning basin: 1000m (3281ft)
Depth of water at low tide: 25m (82ft)
Wind, current, swell or seasonal problem affecting tenders: usually not
Ship’s tenders may be used for passengers/crew.
Distance from anchorage to tender dock: 0.3n.m.
Tender landing location: Hofsbot
Length of tender dock: 20m (66ft) both sides
Width of tender dock: 5m (16.4ft)
Type of tender dock: floating
Height of tender dock above water: 0.5m (1.6ft)
Depth of water at low tide: 3m (10ft)
Type of fenders: wood
Surface of tender dock: concrete
Tender dock is wheelchair accessible.
Tender dock is not illuminated for tendering during dark hours.
Dockside restroom facilities: yes
Distance from tender dock to “downtown”: 0.2km (0.1mi)
Availability of shore tenders: no